The International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies consists of scholars from a range of the cultural sciences who are dedicated to doing research on communication across cultures. Its membership is made up of participants from over 32 countries. These participants meet annually at different locations around the world to discuss common research interests. The results of their investigations are published in the journal of the organization, Intercultural Communication Studies (ICS).


Conference Goals

-      To provide scholars, educators, and practitioners from different cultural communities with opportunities to interact, network and benefit from each other’s research and expertise related to intercultural communication issues. To synthesize research perspectives and foster interdisciplinary scholarly dialogues for developing integrated approaches to complex problems of communication across cultures

-      To advance the methodology for intercultural communication research and disseminate practical findings to facilitate understanding across cultures

-      To foster global intercultural sensitivity and involve educators, business professionals, students, and other stakeholders worldwide in discourses about diversity and transcultural communication issues.


The 28th International Conference of the International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS), co-organized by the City University of Macau and IAICS, is held at the City University of Macau from the 23rd-25th March 2023 in online and offline. The theme is “Synergies in Languages, Professions and Heritages”. The conference received nearly 100 paper submissions and over 140 scholars from more than 10 countries and regions, including Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK, the US, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Four keynote speeches and two invited speeches will be held during the conference:

Zhu Hua, professor of Language Learning and Intercultural Communication and Director of the International Centre for Intercultural Studies at the Institute of Education of the University College London, will deliver her keynote speech on "Open Culture Open Language: The Key Intercultural Communication Issues for Language Learning and teaching". 

Michael Minkov, professor of Cross-Cultural Awareness and Organizational Behavior at Varna University of Management (Sofia campus) of Bulgaria, will share his views on the revised Minkov-Hofstede model of culture and its implications.

Zhang Hongling, professor and director of the Intercultural Institute at Shanghai International Studies University and vice president of China's Association for Intercultural Communication (CAFIC), will give a keynote speech with the theme of "Enhancing awareness and strengthening dialogues: exploring the cultural identity construction of Chinese English learners in the new era."

Joanna Radwańska-Williams, professor of Macau Polytechnic University, will give a keynote speech on "A sample of the linguistic landscape of Poland in 2022".

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